an email by ignacio agüero

dear Philipp,

i saw your film on sunday and wanted to watch it again today but by then the vimeo-link you sent me was gone. i always want to watch films like this at least twice. in any case, i sensed that you make unforgettable films in which what remains is an especially strange feeling of time. i very much like the way geographies are crossed; often imperceptibly until you realize you are in a different country. while one is filling with water, the other empties out as if the globe was a pendulum or a vessel. it is a film that leaves you thinking the whole time, not about anything in particular but about everything. time. space. our time on earth. the feeling also remains of great images, great places, that heighten the feeling of loneliness, but not the agonizing loneliness of the individual, but a different one, a loneliness in the face of the magnificence. i had a great desire to see the film again, the scenes in brazil familiar and close to me. it is also a film of quiet moments, a film in which its form lingers specifically, the form of the film, in which you appear very subtly for brief moments, the way you make the film, together with people. it is a hypnotic film, one that makes you wonder once in a while what it is about, because its charm is that it does not deal with anything specific but rather stays with the great, in the space of the great. up to now i had not even mentioned the word water (just once above) because even though it seems to be the central image, this is no treatise on water. my congratulations to you, Philipp and Danilo, that you have been successful with this splendor without haste. i will be able to see it again. thank you for sharing it already before its premiere. a big hug.
Ignacio Agüero

(Translated by Daniel H. Wild)